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A Purrfect Afternoon at Miao Cat Cafe


I am constantly finding ways to surprise my husband so I reserved us a visit to a themed cafe here in QC, Miao Cat Cafe.

Miao Cat Cafe is located at the 2nd floor of Cake2Go (beside Midcon Apartelle), opposite side of KFC, near crossing of Mindanao Ave. and Congressional Ave. There was no large Miao Cat Cafe signage but you can easily spot the Cake2Go sign.

The stairway entrance is a bit cramped, but it was okay with me since there were only a few us trying to get in. Their “reservation only” rule is quite practical because of restricted space.

As of writing, they accept walk-ins with unlimited hours of stay. Back in 2015, I reserved a 2-4 PM slot (we’re allowed to stay for 2 hours only) and I had to wait for weeks because slots had already filled up for the month of March.

House Rules & Reminders

Before we were allowed to enter, they asked us to disinfect, remove our shoes (slippers were provided), and keep in mind some house rules. If you have cat allergies, make sure you’ve taken antihistamine / used nasal sprays prior to your visit.

  • Disinfect!
  • Don’t pick up cats
  • No poking, pulling, and pinching
  • No feeding of cats
  • No camera flashes
  • Do not disturb cats who are sleeping and eating
  • Shh! No to loud voices

The Cafe

The Miao Cat Cafe is a must-visit for cat lovers. With its charming and cozy ambiance, guests are sure to enjoy some fun time with the cats. Each decor in place is well-thought of and the pieces are all cat-friendly.

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This tiny cat paradise is complete with cat towers and condos, hang bridges, pillows, wall systems, and cat perches. I’m familiar with some of these cat furniture because we owned a Siamese cat a few years ago and I also play the kawaii cat collecting mobile game app, Neko Atsume. πŸ™‚ I love cats because they’re cute.. and weird (in the cutest way possible, yeah I love weird..) but I’m absolutely, definitely, totally NOT a cat person.

Growing up I wasn’t allowed to take care of cats and dogs as pets (my mom hates cleaning up after their mess and she also hates the idea of them cute beasts biting her children LOL) so I only had fishes and hamsters confined inside aquariums and cages. Oh I had a bunny once, but I also had to let go of it.

Entrance Fee & Food

The PhP 300 per person entrance fee already includes a complimentary meal (choice of 1 food and 1 drink). We had Pesto pasta and a blueberry muffin. πŸ™‚

The Balcony

I am allergic to cats so the balcony became a temporary refuge for me. The feline cuties can come in and out from the balcony through a pet door hole. It is where they eat (to recharge) and take quick breaks.

The Merchandise

There’s a designated wall for gift items that you can purchase for yourself and for your cat-loving pals: shirts, chopsticks, purses, mugs, office supplies, and more.

Miao Cat Cafe Address

For Cat Lovers

My cat-loving husband had an awesome time caressing their furry coats and playing with them using a mouse teaser cat toy.

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The Cats

I have no idea how many cats were around when we came to visit, but I’m sure there were more than 10 or 15 of them. Here are some of the cats that we met during our visit.

Felix the Straw Ninja. The straws in your drinks are in danger. LOL. Felix is a British Shorthair cat. Remember Puss in Boots and the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland?

Oreo the Munchkin kitty. Oreo is one of the crowd favorites, para lang kasing Oreo cookies!

Miao Cat Cafe Oreo the Munchkin Kitty

Elis, the Exotic Shorthair, is my favorite. I think she’s the cutest! If ever I’ll own a cat, I want this short-haired version of the Persian cat breed!

Elf and Elfia are Scottish Fold sisters/twins/siblings. I don’t know who’s this in the photo.

Miao Cat Cafe Elf Elfiya Scottish Fold

This is Cotton. Na-feel niya that I’m not a cat lover, kaya deadma ako hahaha. πŸ™‚ We also met Kahel, Slinky the Alpha, and the sweetest Puspin (Pusang Pinoy) who kept on jumping onto my husband’s lap.

Cotton: Be gone, HOOMAN!

Here are some of my shots using the Hipstamatic Camera. I miss Hipstamatic since I switched to Huawei P9. It’s an Apple-exclusive app (sayang yung purchased films, lenses, and flashes ko) pero sana gumawa sila for Android. πŸ™

Before we go, they snapped a photo of our batch. They had to clean up for an hour before the next batch comes in. Thank you Miao Cat Cafe! I’m looking forward to your Kitty Camp. πŸ™‚

Instax Miao Cat Cafe

My Rating: Miao Cat Cafe






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  1. Michi (@michisolee)

    For pet lovers, this is a nice choice of restaurant. I’m not fond of cats or dogs so I won’t visit this restaurant, kung si Garfield na mascot siguro pwede pa.

    09 . Mar . 2017
  2. Jenelyn Palogod-UboΓ±gen

    Are the cats clingy? I’m not a cat or dog lover kasi, pero the place looks very nice. Meron bang spot na walang cats or they are really around the area? haha!

    09 . Mar . 2017
  3. Juvy Ann

    Nice place for cat lovers. I am not much of a cat person, but actually find this place quite interesting. I never knew there are themed restaurants like this one here in Manila. I see a few kasi pero abroad. Thanks for sharing, will show my cat lover friend πŸ˜›

    09 . Mar . 2017
  4. Malot

    It looks like cafΓ©s like this are in now. My girls have been asking me to bring them to one; I just wish Miao Cat CafΓ© is near our place. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    11 . Mar . 2017
  5. Josephine

    Am not really into cats ( Hello Kitty is an exception though) but my niece would surely love the place! πŸ™‚

    11 . Mar . 2017
  6. Mommy Levy

    Such an interesting concept for a restaurant. Cat lovers will enjoy it here. Glad that they passed the sanitation standard.

    11 . Mar . 2017
  7. Chessy

    I don’t hate cats but they don’t give off that positive vibe so I won’t be visiting this anytime soon haha. But these animal-resto concepts are very interesting.

    11 . Mar . 2017
  8. Rowena Wendy Lei

    I’ve never tried going to such an establishment. It’s usually the straightforward resto we go to.

    11 . Mar . 2017
  9. Maan Laxa

    Interesting concept! What a cute and quirky place. The entrance fee is quite pricey for me, but then again, you’re paying for the experience!

    11 . Mar . 2017
  10. RJ Dancel

    Personally am not a cat lover but I have a bunch of friends addicted to cats. This is perfect! They say that the best Cat cafes are in Japan but this is good to know specially its here in the Philippines πŸ™‚ Maybe I’ll try to go! But most definitely I’ll tell this to my friends!

    12 . Mar . 2017
  11. Mommy Queenelizabeth

    This is cute! I head about a do cafe before and now there’s a cat cafe.. was wondering what animal inspired cafe would be next kaya? Sounds fun tho..

    12 . Mar . 2017
  12. Bernadette Siazon

    My daughter loves cats and she’ll surely love it here.

    12 . Mar . 2017
  13. Michelle

    Wow naman, may ganito pala. My husband will surely appreciate Miao Cat Cafe, but for me…. Hmm… I’m not a fan of cats kasi.

    13 . Mar . 2017
  14. Abby

    My daughter would totally love it here! Too bad it’s quite far for us. Plus, I’ma dog person! Hehe. I dunno why my kid loves cats nga e.

    13 . Mar . 2017
  15. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    Miao Cat Cafe is so cute!!! I’m sure cat lovers out there are so crazy about this resto. I love the first photo ha..

    13 . Mar . 2017
  16. Joy Domingo Gurtiza

    I’ve been there and we are planning to go back soon to say hi to the cats! πŸ™‚

    13 . Mar . 2017
  17. Berlin | Momi Berlin

    Would love to visit this cafe in no time. Ihihi. Place is just near us and I love cats. Learned as well that my other son loves well.

    13 . Mar . 2017
  18. Janice

    I’ve heard of this place before but haven’t tried it yet coz I’m not really into cats. Haha! But it looks like cat heaven for cat lovers

    13 . Mar . 2017
  19. den

    Oh my gosh, fur babies! I want to go there, but it’s so far away from the south. πŸ™

    13 . Mar . 2017
  20. Ayi

    I have to rush through your post because I have a cat phobia :((

    13 . Mar . 2017
  21. Macy Santos

    I love cats, been rescuing stray cats for 20 years now. There is something special about a cat- personality, character is so unique for each one and that made me think that cats are better being than some humans. Haha.. I think out of curiosity I will visit a cat cafe but as of now I am having coffee at home with my 12 or so cats at any time of the day. Yeah, I live with them. Meow…P.S. I rescue dogs too and lizards and butterflies and snakes…no joking all true. I’ll tell you about the snake rescue one of these days if we happen to cross paths some day…;)

    14 . Mar . 2017
  22. Maria Teresa Gregorio-Figuerres

    I’m afraid of cats and dogs. Lol! But this place is perfect for people who love cats. I know someone who does.

    14 . Mar . 2017
    • Amethystine

      My little sister is afraid of cats too πŸ˜€

      15 . Mar . 2017
  23. May De Jesus-Palacpac

    oooh I’ve read about this in my kid’s K-zone magazine. Cute naman! I wish they had this when I was young. I had cats as pet – I had Mingming, Tiger and Boss Miyawok. πŸ™‚

    15 . Mar . 2017
    • Amethystine

      Ang cute ng names ng cats mo! πŸ™‚

      15 . Mar . 2017
  24. Teresa Martinez

    This is a very interesting concept for a cafe although my son and I would probably think twice in going in due to our allergic rhinitis but it will exactly be the opposite for my husband and my daughter.

    17 . Mar . 2017
  25. micamicsdeleon

    I’m loving the interior of the place. Unfortunately, I can’t ask my bf to come with me here. He isn’t a fan of cats. Huhu. I’ll have to find someone else to go with. Thanks for sharing this cute homey cafe.

    19 . Mar . 2017
  26. TweenselMom

    Very cute! Although we can’t be there ever because of my daughter’s allergy, I find it perfect for cat lovers. If you are one, make sure to watch Kevin Spacey’s movie Nine Lives, it totally softened my heart for kitties.

    21 . Mar . 2017

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