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Fun Naruto Birthday Party for Baby Zaiel


Zaiel’s Naruto-themed first birthday party! He was in a surprisingly good mood the whole time. 😀

Zaiel 1st Birthday - Party Graphics Photobooth

Pardon me for the super duper late documentation of my son’s 1st birthday party. It just occurred to me that Zaiel will be turning 3 years old tomorrow and I can’t help but remember all those exhausting days and months of party preparation for his first birthday.

I grew up not giving much attention to birthdays due to [past] religious views; in fact I seldom celebrate my own. I honestly think that you can rock the whole 365 days like it’s your special day and that there’s no reason to treat other days as “ordinary”.

As being a mom, I believe in creating special memories with my child every single day. So, what made me decide to plan a major birthday celebration 2 years ago? It’s the simple idea of having a “first”. That was my first pregnancy, with my first boyfriend-turned-husband, and my first child who turned one year old. I’ve decided that I want to share my many firsts, our many firsts, with my loved ones and friends. Tomorrow, to celebrate his 3rd year with us, we would just be having a simple family affair or dinner.

I sincerely hope that this blog post will help you, first time moms, with party preparations. I might write detailed reviews in the future for each, but right now I would TRY to be brief and just guide you through the whole process of planning.



The Theme: Naruto

My Rating:

After I’ve learned that we were expecting a baby boy, I chose a birthday party theme which interests the both of us (hubby and I), and it’s ANIME. Naruto, to be specific. We both watch the series and Naruto’s one of my most loved anime characters of all time. In fact I gave a few good cry on some of the episodes. Haha.

Picking a theme makes the party elements more unified and gives direction as to where the party should lead. What I loved about our theme is that it can be branched out to even more concepts – Anime, Japanese, Cosplay, and Kawaii. So, we sort of “cosplayed” during the event and encouraged our guests to showcase their costumes as well.

Our son was dressed up as Naruto (the kid costume version), Daddy Ray as one of the Akatsuki members, and I ended up donning one of Lily Rochefort‘s costumes (Japanese school uniform) in Tekken. I should have chosen Sakura or Hinata if I wasn’t so confused and stressed with the preparation. The Akatsuki coat was purchased somewhere in Divisoria for only PhP 600 and headgear from Comic Alley, while my costume and my son’s were both custom-made by one of the many dressmakers in Kamuning market. And oh, my long blonde wig is around PhP 2,000 from Lynelle Hair Fashion.

Baby Naruto Cosplay


Active Fun Birthday Party - SM North EDSA Annex



The Invitations

My Rating:

Both save the dates and birthday cards are Naruto-inspired. The save the date birthday announcement was posted in Facebook and I printed the cards at Fax Parcel N’ Print (SM North Edsa), then distributed them to friends and family a month before the celebration. For more info about the invitations, check out my post Naruto Birthday Cards.

Naruto Birthday Save The Date
Thanks to my brother Jerrel for helping me with the invitations!


I love how the birthday cards came out. 🙂

The Food, Venue, and Party Decors

My Rating:

We’ve settled with Active Fun SM North EDSA Annex branch because I love the idea of having a play area for the kids. It was also very convenient for us because we live a few blocks away from SM North. The party venue itself is quite small and I didn’t anticipate the outpour of guests during the peak hours of the party. I was advised that the place could accommodate up to 150 guests but was disappointed that it was already jammed with people at a hundred. I didn’t have any other problems other than that. The staff was very accommodating and they’ve been patient with all my demands from start to finish.

Active Fun SM North EDSA Annex

The kiddie party package that we availed includes:

  • Kiddie party host
  • ActiveFun mascot appearance
  • 1 day unlimited play for children children only
  • Active Fun birthday cake
  • 50 pieces birthday card invitations
  • Lootbags (regular)
  • Balloons for kids
  • Name Tags
  • Food for kids (20) – Spaghetti, Chicken, Ice Cream, and Drinks
  • Gift for the celebrant
  Personalized Take Out Boxes as Party Favors

Food was good. I was too busy to even take a nibble so I just asked the guests for the feedback. The set menu meal (carbonara, barbecue, mixed veggies, fish/chicken fillet, brownies, and drinks) that we chose for the adults is one of the simplest and cheapest. We really didn’t bother getting a more expensive meal set because the time of the event will happen in the afternoon, meaning only snacks will be served.

There were a bunch of add-ons but we only chose a few to minimize our expenses.

  • Hanging balloons. The party venue was already decorated with balloons but I wanted to add more to make the place more festive. So instead of availing a balloon centerpiece for each table, we opted for additional hanging/floating ceiling balloons.
  • Chocolate Fountain. I had this in mind even before I finalized the venue. It was a hit with the kids.
  • Photo Booth. This was an expensive add-on because the photo booth was tied up with the venue and I had no time to find a photo booth service by myself. I also considered the corkage fees/electricity charges once I hire from the outside so I let them include this add-on in our list. Read more info about the photobooth service on my post Party Graphics Photo Booth.
Active Fun - Chocolate Fountain
Luffy going crazy over chocolates and sweets! 🙂


Active Fun birthday cake
The cake c/o Active Fun.


Anime birthday party - Origami Centerpiece
I slaved myself doing these origami pieces a few hours before the party. They were used as table centerpieces. Photo c/o Marnell, a good friend of mine.


Party Package - Active Fun
Kiddos in costumes enjoying their snacks.


Party Graphics Photobooth - Anime party
My little sister (as Pokemon’s Misty) had fun posing at the photo booth. 🙂


Active Fun Staff - SM North EDSA
Thank you!

The Program

My Rating: Anime music was aired in between activities. My list consisted of theme songs from Naruto, Mojacko, Yumeiro Pattisiere, and One Piece, among others.

I didn’t get to discuss the program with the host beforehand but I was lucky that the flow of the program went well. I only created an outline and the host followed on it smoothly:

  1. Registration, arrival, and welcoming of guests (music on)
  2. Opening of birthday celebration (mentions Zaiel’s name)
  3. Mini-game for adults (winners get prizes)
  4. Mini-games for kids (winners get prizes)
  5. Snack Time
  6. Costume contest (winners get prizes)
  7. Happy Birthday song and blowing of candle
  8. Thank you messages from parents
  9. Distribution of giveaways
  10. End of event
Cosplay Birthday Party
“And the Best Costume Award goes to……..”

The Birthday Cake.. and Cupcakes!

My Rating:

The kiddie package already included a birthday cake but I was too choosy and “maarte” that I ordered a separate one from Anna Banana’s Online Bakeshop. Two thumbs up for her sweet creations! Read my post Kawaii Birthday Cake and Cupcakes for the deets.

Kawaii Birthday Cake and Cupcake Tower
So kawaii! 🙂

The Guestbook

My Rating:

Zaiel’s personalized guestbook is a keepsake and photo album in one. Guests were able to write their messages and wishes for my little one. 🙂 I ordered it from Ms. Leny Cruzado and it contained photos from his pre-birthday pictorial session. If you want to know more about her photography services, read my post Baby Boom Portraits by Leny Cruzado.

Zaiel's Birthday Guestbook - Leny Cruzado Photography
Zaiel’s memory book made with thick, laminated pages.

The Giveaways

Okay, so I went crazy and overboard with party favors. I quite had A LOT instead of only one or two. Don’t make the same mistake I did. 🙂

  • Sushi Towels – Read my post Sushi Towel Party Favors by Thoughtful Creations
  • Naruto key chains
  • Bag charms (which I personally made) kept inside mini boxes – Read my post Personalized Take Out Boxes
  • Mini hat clips (I asked the female guests to wear them during the party)
  • Loot bags (included in Active Fun’s kiddie package)
  • Toy lootbags
  • Candy loot bags
  • Printed photo souvenirs from the photo booth
    Naruto keychains party favor
    Naruto keychains inside eggs.


Sushi Towel Party Favors
A sushi towel keepsake for guests.


21 - Chinese Take Out Box - Birthday Party Favor
Noodle boxes with bag charms inside for my female friends.

Of course, the party wouldn’t be successful without the support and presence of my husband, family, loved ones, friends, and colleagues. They enjoyed the celebration and told me that I deserve a pat on the back for organizing such a fun-filled event. I’m grateful that I was able to show through my efforts the unconditional love that I have for my son. I will always, always look back on that day with pride.

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  1. Jo

    WOW! This is great! Thank you for sharing! I’m planning to have a Naruto-themed birthday party for my son who’s turning 1 this April…(actually, I have been “planning to plan” this kind of party ever since I started loving — and getting ‘addicted’ to — Naruto! And that was a decade ago! Haha!) I especially love your personalized take-out boxes idea and the personalized guestbook. And I’m eternally grateful for the Naruto Font Style Text Creator website that you shared. 😀 Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    07 . Jan . 2013
    • Amethystine

      Hi Mommy Jo! I’m glad to be of help! Party planning can be very stressful, but it’s also fun and rewarding! Especially if it’s for somebody who you love so dearly! 😀

      10 . Jan . 2013
  2. kris

    thank you so much for sharing!!! this will be a big help as I prepare for my son’s 2nd birthday. Even we decided to do it a bit simple (food chain), still mommy (I) still want to add some personal touch (e.g.. invitations, souvenirs) in the party.
    My heart melt for the sushi towel 😀
    again a BIG tahnk you!

    16 . Jan . 2013
    • Amethystine

      You’re welcome kris! 🙂

      17 . Jan . 2013
  3. marie chang

    as i am searching for different bday odeas.. i came to yr blog.. yr awesome!!! i hope i can manage to prepare my son’s 1st bday on feb 7.. wil celebrate on feb 10. so, it’s a chinese new yr party.. any suggestion pls????

    im ok w/ photobooth, no give-aways yet.. will go to divisoria on saturday.. nagpapanic na ko hehe

    thank you again.. i hope we can be friends thru twitter or fb hehe

    16 . Jan . 2013
    • Amethystine

      Hi! You can follow me on Twitter and send me messages there. Thanks! 🙂

      17 . Jan . 2013
  4. Liz Obor

    Hi Shalene! I know this article is old but – I’ve come to search for a Naruto themed birthday party for my baby boy who’s turning 1 this October.. and I stumbled upon your article. And it surprised me because, I was like oh! you look familiar. We have a common friend- Shiena (streetsmartchic) and mostly see you from her fb photos. How cool is this?
    Anyway, I like your ideas on Naruto, and like you, it’s one of our (cos me & hubs have watched this together) most fave anime of all time. And like you, I’ve cried on several episodes too! I still in fact watch it online (latest ep. 480) and I’m thinking of cosplaying Akatsuki Konan or Sakura (i like her) or maybe the hubs can be Minato and me as Kushina while my baby boy dons a Naruto costume. now I sound like a geek lol.
    Thanks for sharing!

    08 . Feb . 2017
    • Amethystine

      Hi Liz! Yes I do know you rin (by name) bec of Shin’s fb photos hehe.. Small world! 🙂 Iba talaga ang Naruto, diba? I’m glad that my post helped you a bit on your birthday prep. Do the cosplay, masaya rin! I should have cosplayed Sakura, but I don’t think pink hair will suit me hehehe. The Naruto’s family idea is brilliant. But the Akatsuki costume is cool though. Thanks for the visit! 🙂

      13 . Jun . 2017

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